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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> i love you (clapping.) >> supervisor campos (clapping) thank you and congratulations
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gainer why not go to district 8 supervisor wiener. thank you mr. president, i'll wait for the room to clear a little bit. okay. thank you mr. president, and thank you, colleagues. and today, i'm going to be honoring zone winning one of our residents coming up and bring the kids with you (clapping) (yellin
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(yelling). so i know many of us know zoning she was born and raised in is a gone and come to the u.s. in 1975 at 11 after ref her bachelors degree from down south she came to the bay area for more than 8 years she's been in the office mental health the recorder and business private property revenue generating 40 percent of the revenue. as a recorder she oversaw two addictions in the office exciting business units leading
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40 civil serve personnel. she's stepped in to take on a variety of the nearly decade in the office and 200 in 2345067 he was the departments overseer of personnel and i g operations. she was the acting assessor recorder when phil tang went off the to state assembly until carman chiu was appointed as the new assessor. it was competently if i did in 2008, and 2013 when we resumed i guess twice the matters of quality in san francisco and in california providing phenomenal support to the first phil thanking and then carman chiu
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and started issuing marriage licenses over the weekend we have the fear of san francisco when we get marriage equality someone is going to step up and take it away so thank you for acting quickly. and zone also in addition to our work she served as the san francisco director to john burton and served in the clinton mischievous working at the department of housing authority and, of course, our own roberta. zone has worked for elective and other places including john burton and willie brown and some of the really more the shireer
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members of our political family. i got to know zone when i came to san francisco as a 27-year-old gay man and got involved that the nonexistent lgbt center and zone was one of the persons who helped to build the center and she really helped to get it off the ground and made sure it was a reality. zoning is married to her wife kathy they've been together for 18 years i see kathy back there videotaping and they have two daughters at the lectern and live down the street from me in the castro and have been long term residents. so zero i want to say from can
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carmen chiu she regretted she couldn't be here but it's been a honor to work with you over the years and look forward to many more years of the same so congratulations (clapping.) thank you supervisor wiener i want to thank you for the opportunity to say i'm honored to be in district 8 honor reand i'm proud to be a constituent of yours my name is my family and i appreciate what you do and work on issues that matter to the district simple things like coming to our neighborhood community meetings to talk about issues that are important to negotiating, you know, with all the stakeholders in the city and
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make sure that the castro construction project it's not it's minimized so we have the activities in june to legislation you've introduced effecting the ellis act or the miles act we had a chance to work together on the miles act it's a great honor and professionally i've been grateful for our support over the years i want to acknowledge my wife of 18 years kathy and our two doss that are to be told had to leave school a little bit earlier and happy to be here with mom but i have lifelong friends and people who really
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did all the work in the assessors reported office i want to make sure i acknowledge them all of my colleagues and friends please just raise your hand (clapping) and to the city and county have been able to generate money for your much needed services i thank you and it's such an honor
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>> (clapping) thank you and congratulations zone (clapping) i would like to take a moment and acknowledge the chairwoman of apa heritage month i know she wasn't here when we started our program but invite claudine to say thank you on behalf of what you're going doing in san francisco. >> good afternoon. thank you for giving me a few minutes in apa heritage month i want to thank you for coming to the
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press conference and those of you who joined us in the community celebration yesterday actually, it was signed into law in 1978 any jimmy carter and we've celebrated with our folks 0 so this is the tenth anniversary of the city's organization and i want to share if and the members of the committee asked me to medical cannabis come and honoring the asian pacific islander americans in your district. yesterday mayor ed lee and the apa selection committee on the street exceptional asians at our events they are a filipino-american and jonathan chinese-american and japanese-american and for their
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contributions in the community. so our committee had an additional to talk about the guests so our committee asked me to come and present this in celebration of the month. i have your apa heritage month local pin to give to you all one for each and thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you claudine why not continue on with our district 7 presentation by supervisor yee >> i don't think my honoree is here yet oh, there you are sorry (clapping) colleagues today i am not only honoring someone that is a trait
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blazers in our community but also someone i admire as a long term friend for asian pacific islander heritage month i'm honored to talk about this lady with her groundbreaking resolutions in san francisco. leann has dedicated her life she is he sunshine she came from hong kong and is proud of your public schools attending both arena junior high school and listen to this supervisor breed she graduated if you're high school >> go lions like i do and supervisor breed pr she went on to uc berkley for they are
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flawed degree and got her credentials from the university of san francisco. both her children graduated from public schools and in the education fields following in their mothers footprints which one group of parents wanted to see an immersion program in san francisco so see if it could work this is geez thirty years ago we spoke about the preschool and about many of the same folks that started woody allen me school were behind the west portal elementary school leann was hired to develop the cantonese program in district 7.
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while, in fact, she was my older daughters kindergarten teacher and had a lot of influence why my daughter is an emergency room teacher. she was an engaged teacher and worked tirelessly with the teachers. today, you've language immersion program is a national model expiring other schools across san francisco. after the success of the program in 1995 helped to launch the alternative school. the first public chinese emergence school in the nation and, in fact, the school my other daughter was the president
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of the school now in public education so you influenced both of my daughters. and leann a builds relationships monk students and parents that's effective. under leann as leadership it's grown the school has grown enormously and it's won the distinguished school ward in 2012 she's a try innovator she builds a platform of success in her students while being a strong mentor to educators so many educators have come to me she say you know the principle
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leann a expired me. in 2012 leann a was selected from the united states school of education. leann a we're grateful not only in district 7 but throughout outline san francisco you've established a legacy that will beneficiary decades of folks and thank you for being a role model for all of us. thank you very much >> wow. (clapping.) oh, good afternoon. president chiu and supervisors of our beautiful school i got out of school early. thank you for i don't know how to respond to it wonderful resume i sent my resume or my
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bio i have a short one one page i know chinese emergence education in san francisco i'm truly honored to be a recipient of the asian pacific islander american ward as the first to go to college in my family i understand offhand the access to opportunities my success is only there because of the support of my family and communicated theirs they're here. i reap the benefits of the sacrifice made by many asian-americans who blazed the trail before me. i stand on the shoulders of many inevitable asian pacific islander americans heros i want to random one giant hero ms.
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alice even though she was born in 1905 in california she was told to go back to china when she was growing up. she was told she couldn't be a traefrn in our schools she was inclines but he overcame discrimination to become the first chinese-american teacher in our public schools in 1926. as supervisor yee mentioned in 1924 when they talked about the emergence the school board we encountered many of the ovations from the school members why are we spending tax dollars and
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teaching chinese now many people want their children to be bilingual now because of the unwavering of the opportunity support and leader like supervisor yee and many in the audience our school district embraces our first chinese american school next week we'll celebrity the twot anniversary we're proud to say we've proved to not only being a viable school opposite but providing 21st century world-class education for the residents in our world-class city. so i'm very grateful to this recognition i have to thank my family and my children but my family other close family at our school.
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i'll continue to work towards shattering stereotypes and building the community i'll conclude with a families proverb >> (speaking foreign language.) >> perseverance and determination and dedication are the very could he ingredients to success i'm truly grateful for this honor thank you very much. thank you
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(clapping.) >> our next presentation will be by district 6 colleague supervisor kim. thank you it's wonderful to see who we honor in our district and as we recognize and honor our history we recognize leaders from the asian pacific islander that continue on in the heritage to make change and being leaders in our community. and today, i have the honor of recognizing a father and son team from the tenderloin neighborhood christen fong and
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his family up to the front (clapping) (yelling). so my colleagues tire from me talking about the tenderloin what makes the neighborhood special are the people that live and work there i'm welcoming two christian ton and roger wong christen and his father pastor are the heart of tenderloin. and i'm honored to recognition this family today for asian pacific islander heritage month. i want to start with the story of pastor wong who came to america in the 70s from taiwan after being abused by his father
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vermont he came to america he worked in america after coming out of the grace of yard shifty was waiting for a tow truck he noticed a young boy being physically brutal listed not wanting to get involved he drove away with are heavier heart he felt the presence of a divine presence and wondered how it would have felt to be bullied and next day roger and it's father made up up 50 sandwiches and the following week he brought his wife to the tenderloin and then san francisco impact was born it is now a volunteer nonprofit organization that concludes 5
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departments today, we have 11 thousand 189 individuals every month through their come up kitchen program they run a thrift shop and offer affordable closing and have block parties. their church does doird outreach and run a k to 12 school program and run a health center it serves 2 hundred and 50 patience it goes on and on. they have tenderloin sunday street and the tenderloin was such a success and got the attention of press for something that's been going on in san francisco but the residents were blown away no other you sunday streets have the massages and dog washing and free clothing
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and free markets it was moving and behalf to see. what has always struck me about the tenderloin is the changes throughout the drug use and low level crime arises a bigger challenges on how much you can give and expect to love and do positive change and many have taken on the call and roger and his family are part of this extraordinary response to the call to service but what's marrow amazing which of you wonder what the next generation b will do and often the children protest and go on to do something different. christian start off in the private sector but recently took on the executive director of the
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san francisco impact christian was working for a second health care provider in 2011 a close friend called him and finally told him how he survived sex traffic and she told him it was 4 blocks away from the impact excuse. christian resigned and decided to be back in the neighborhood to make sure that couldn't happen to any other resident. christian has been responsible for the investigators and there are now 8 thousand volunteers they bring into the neighborhood as well as to adapt previously go forward privately s r o buildings to go door to door for resident who have given up and
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since 2012 they've adapted 23 buildings in the tenderloin. he started a small property owner pop up that have canals and others to develop a local economy in san francisco. i brought some of the products and i encourage you to come there whether their candles that was made he formerly lived at the hotel now we're giving craft skills to reach a wider audience. i should also mention that christian loves chicken at ocean tie the 49ers and this
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tenderloin he's here with his wife and children who live in san francisco and i understand your expecting a fourth so congratulations to raising our children in the city. many of the staff are nougs the tenderloin along with their workshop program and originally the joe sites they'll use as transitional site. through the ministry reinforcing and christian have impacted change they want to build community and the change doesn't occur without the community and strengthening this is much hardly - harder to do in the heart of the city. thank you very much for your work it's my honor to honor you
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today (clapping) (yelling) >> thank you very much thank you very much for honoring i consider it basically an incredible feat by my parents to have stuck in the tenderloin for thirty years he refuses to speak 0 an interesting story. when we got the overwhelm on sunday night to come and receive the award i had been reading news from about 10 years ago in san francisco that mayor gavin newsom pledged my father was doing a hunger strict it was ten years ago, i was joking with any dad dad pits quite strange upper doing a hunger strike in front of city hall for no other reason
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to stand up for the tenderloin he wanted to parks cleaned and 10 years later i'm receiving an award so god must love me more. i'm kidding i started to tell that to my dad and any mom said we end the hunger strike on may 6th it's been 10 years to the day it's funny 10 years ago he was out there starving 80 to death so all that to say two quick things my dad is my hero he overcame insewer mother-in-law things to make it but what saved him was not